78 Tarot cards - Free readings online: The Tower - The Knight Of Cups -The Justice


The Tower

When the card is in the first position, it warns that your energy at this time tends to lead to controversy or conflict. You should try to control your temper. Sudden reversals can happen at this time. Instead of being panic, you should be prepared. => If you feel exhausted with your current job, think seriously about the change. You should adjust your resume, meet the people who you ask them to recommend a suitable job for you and equip a good deal of necessary knowledge.

The Knight Of Cups

When the card is in the second position, you are feeling a little discontent about the strict requirements of the current job. Still, things are going well. If you feel the burden on your shoulders, think about ways to remove them. => A long vacation trip can be a good way to regain energy for the body and mind after stressful working hours. In addition, this is also the time for you to make plans for the future ahead. If you feel that everything is overwhelmed, ask for help from your colleagues or superiors.

The Justice

When the card is in the third position, you have taken advantage of the past few months to think seriously about your expectations and then build new platforms for your work. You just need to make sure that you are on the right path. Your career is stable,and there are many opportunities for advancement. => You should think carefully about your own current situation. Remember the first few days when you stepped into work, what your goals were and how to achieve them. If you feel that you need to have stronger motivation to change and move forward, do not be afraid to share it with colleagues and superiors. They will give you sincere advice.