Tarot Card of the Day: The Hierophant from 78TarotCard.com

The Hierophant

It's important to stick with the plan already in place and be loyal to those who are already committed to you. You're not so much part of a team as you are the leader of a group of people who will do what you ask of them if you only treat them properly and look after their needs, especially the tiny personal ones.

Summary of the Hierophant Tarot Card Meaning

After the Fool meets the earthly family through the Empress and the Emperor, they are now introduced to greater society. The Hierophant represents social traditions, an understanding of how the world should be based on divine order. He represents the knowledge of how things have been done, and why they have always been done this way. It is the way of learned experience and sacred wisdom. Through the Hierophant, we learn to find either a sense of belonging, a home and origin amongst the vast loneliness of the planet, or we learn to feel excluded and isolated from our roots. 

Light: Tradition, ideology, custom, ritual, history, belonging
Shadow: Conventionality, dogma, close-mindedness, exclusion