Step Counter Competition - Step counter with friends - Step Counter iPhone

Step Counter Competition - Step counter with friends - Step Counter iPhone

- New version offers widget-Today Extension to allow users to check your daily steps quickly in your screen without opening the app.
- New version has been updated "Final leaderboard" and "Today’s leaderboard" to allow users to compete with their friends and people around the world.
- This app integrates with the Health app.

Step Counter Competition is a free and best application for your iPhone without a smart watch connection. Only with your iPhone, the application will count your daily steps, including walking - jogging and climbing stairs. Based on the measured activities, the Application will automatically calculate the calories consumed from those activities.
- In addition to tracking the steps of the day, the application also has professional charts, detailed analysis of your activities for many days before. You can see the visual graphs in the Analytics form.
- In particular, the app also sums your 1-week steps into points and you can submit them to a worldwide ranking !! It's easy for you to invite your friends to exercise to improve your health with a regularly updated leaderboard. Remember to Enable Game-Center to use this utility.
- People in the # 1 position will be honored to all app users around the world, so try to achieve this noble position.

- This app need your authorization to access the data of your daily steps. The app also need to be proved the permission from “health app” including “fights climbed" + "steps” + "walking + running distance” to generate total calories consumed and improve your historic health status.
- Thanks a lot for downloading and using the application. Wish you have a great and healthy experience every day.

Step Counter Competition

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