Horoscope for today - Free Daily Chinese Horoscope - September 29 2017

Horoscope for today - Free Daily Chinese Horoscopes - September 29 2017


Horoscope for today - RAT
● General: Switch your attention to more intellectual pursuits.
● Love & Relationships: Follow your heart.
● Career: Learning how to think on your feet comes in handy when a long-cherished plan doesn''t work out quite the way you''d hoped it would.
● Lucky number : 20
● Best time of the day : 13h00


Horoscope for today - OX
● General: Any obstacles that pop up today will be like bugs on your windshield.
● Love & Relationships: That one sweetie seems to be hiding something from you, though you can''t for the life of you figure out what it is.
● Career: Reestablish communications with a former friend or colleague today.
● Lucky number : 10
● Best time of the day : 17h00


Horoscope for today - TIGER
● General: You can see what needs to be done right now, if you''ll only open your eyes wider.
● Love & Relationships: The astral influxes will incline you to moderation in love matters.
● Career: All that concerns financial questions must be studied carefully; avoid money conflicts, which would draw you into unhappy situations.
● Lucky number : 66
● Best time of the day : 16h00


Horoscope for today - RABBIT
● General: Take your sense of humor along and enjoy the ride.
● Love & Relationships: Your sweetheart is dying to hear some honeyed words fall from your lips.
● Career: Pay attention to the details, and lay the groundwork as thoroughly as only you can.
● Lucky number : 85
● Best time of the day : 12h00


Horoscope for today - DRAGON
● General: Instant gratification is never as satisfying as you think it''s going to be, so why not hold off for something that''s truly going to sustain you? Apply this new attitude to matters both large and small.
● Love & Relationships: Creating more ways to punish yourself isn''t doing this relationship any favors.
● Career: If you take the first steps instead of waiting for people to come to you, then you''ll have beautiful satisfactions, at your work as well as in your home.
● Lucky number : 24
● Best time of the day : 12h00


Horoscope for today - SNAKE
● General: An active imagination enriches your life, just as long as you don''t get completely lost in daydreams.
● Love & Relationships: Your sweetie''s well-meant advice might morph into a power play if they decide you''re being contrary by ignoring it.
● Career: Finances, schminances.
● Lucky number : 39
● Best time of the day : 18h00


Horoscope for today - HORSE
● General: One may reproach you for being egoistic, solely preoccupied with yourself at the expenses of others; those reproaches are of course unfounded, but don''t try to justify yourself, for things may get worse if you do so.
● Love & Relationships: If yours is a heart to be taken, then you''ll have great chances to find your soul mate.
● Career: The temptation is there to work less and earn more, but it never works out that way.
● Lucky number : 67
● Best time of the day : 11h00


Horoscope for today - SHEEP
● General: You won''t have to worry about anyone telling you any stories, but you might not be able to get your people to believe you, either.
● Love & Relationships: Your inner knowledge of your sweetheart puts you in good stead.
● Career: A financial windfall lands in your lap due to a close relative or a surprising family situation.
● Lucky number : 52
● Best time of the day : 16h00


Horoscope for today - MONKEY
● General: Keep smiling under all circumstances.
● Love & Relationships: A situation or a relationship may be reaching the point of no return.
● Career: Don''t let yourself be deceived by merchants of illusions who''ll promise you fake jobs, panaceas for all ills, or miracle formulas; as things are at present, it''s difficult not to be naive and to play the fool for the benefit of unscrupulous people.
● Lucky number : 97
● Best time of the day : 9h00


Horoscope for today - ROOSTER
● General: You should know that you can always rely on your friends for support.
● Love & Relationships: Witty banter flies between the two of you.
● Career: Misunderstanding with the children, increased worries concerning aged parents, and financial entanglements can hardly be avoided.
● Lucky number : 97
● Best time of the day : 13h00


Horoscope for today - DOG
● General: Read the writing on the wall and move on.
● Love & Relationships: Make every effort to be compassionate and helpful with your sweetheart and, most importantly, with yourself.
● Career: Your mind will tend to be a little tortuous, and this may give rise to complications in your work as well as in your private life.
● Lucky number : 77
● Best time of the day : 20h00


Horoscope for today - PIG
● General: In the professional field, you''ll keep your competitive mind perfectly intact.
● Love & Relationships: You''ll suddenly feel anguished about your love affairs; if you succeed in controlling your emotions, you''ll realize that things can straighten themselves out.
● Career: Your recent demonstration of leadership skills at work leads to a more exclusive and remunerative position.
● Lucky number : 46
● Best time of the day : 19h00