Horoscope for today - Free Daily Chinese Horoscope - September 26 2017

Horoscope for today - Free Daily Chinese Horoscopes - September 26 2017


Horoscope for today - RAT
● General: To gain valuable perspective, spend time summarizing the events of the past months.
● Love & Relationships: Put your new ideas about life, love and especially your wallet to work today.
● Career: Do your homework and check with all of your sources before moving in.
● Lucky number : 4
● Best time of the day : 20h00


Horoscope for today - OX
● General: If you want to make progress today, look in the mirror for support.
● Love & Relationships: You''re likely dreaming about how your love life could be, but the steps to take to get there are less than clear.
● Career: In your work, it would be better to work with a team than to act on your own.
● Lucky number : 72
● Best time of the day : 13h00


Horoscope for today - TIGER
● General: Sometimes what you choose to leave out is even more important than what you choose to express.
● Love & Relationships: Your relationship is of paramount importance right now.
● Career: Work on having an impersonal point of view on issues -- your maturity requires it.
● Lucky number : 46
● Best time of the day : 9h00


Horoscope for today - RABBIT
● General: Be proud of what you have done.
● Love & Relationships: Your friends are sending the love your way all day today, so enjoy the good stuff and give back as much as you pull in.
● Career: Before you email that cutie from the personals or ask out someone you work with, try reading between the lines a bit more.
● Lucky number : 25
● Best time of the day : 15h00


Horoscope for today - DRAGON
● General: Something exciting is starting to percolate, and you''ll sense that strongly today.
● Love & Relationships: Love will burst into your life, even if you have decided to close the doors of your heart for good.
● Career: Work those diplomatic skills to the utmost by listening more than you speak.
● Lucky number : 63
● Best time of the day : 12h00


Horoscope for today - SNAKE
● General: If you''re getting something started, consider putting on the brakes while you clarify expectations just a wee bit.
● Love & Relationships: It''s easy to get pulled off track: family situations, romantic issues and workplace demands can pull you off balance.
● Career: Good luck will smile to you, so if you want to make financial investments, don''t hesitate -- you''ll make the most of them.
● Lucky number : 66
● Best time of the day : 14h00


Horoscope for today - HORSE
● General: Family discussions might take a very stormy turn if you do not show more tolerance and understanding.
● Love & Relationships: You''ll wear your heart on your sleeve, and you may be on edge.
● Career: A recent spate of relaxation may make it hard for you to slip back into work mode right away.
● Lucky number : 68
● Best time of the day : 9h00


Horoscope for today - SHEEP
● General: Take a step back.
● Love & Relationships: You often wonder why people are so hung up about relationships -- both getting into them and getting out of them.
● Career: Sudden changes in your financial situation are certainly attention-getting, but hold off before you do anything drastic.
● Lucky number : 46
● Best time of the day : 19h00


Horoscope for today - MONKEY
● General: Unexpected news of a very auspicious nature is coming your way, so make sure that you''re ready to receive it.
● Love & Relationships: You''ll probably make a totally unexpected amorous encounter, will succumb to extraordinary love at first sight, or will feel exceptionally happy with the person you love.
● Career: All eyes are currently focused on you -- so it''s a good thing the stars have amped up your communication skills.
● Lucky number : 38
● Best time of the day : 14h00


Horoscope for today - ROOSTER
● General: There is an intimidating attraction growing -- don''t try to fight it! Stay in it.
● Love & Relationships: A warm, sunny day, when love will shower you with numerous satisfactions.
● Career: Start small and work up.
● Lucky number : 63
● Best time of the day : 22h00


Horoscope for today - DOG
● General: You''ll be at the same time active, dynamic and quite relaxed.
● Love & Relationships: Think ahead, and that brand-new you may make an appearance much sooner than you (or your loved ones) thought.
● Career: Don''t take risks on the financial plane, particularly by posting bail for friends or even members of your own family concerning important loans.
● Lucky number : 57
● Best time of the day : 21h00


Horoscope for today - PIG
● General: Your eloquence will persuade all.
● Love & Relationships: Old sentimental ties will prove to be sweet, and love will offer you delightful hours.
● Career: Cosmetic fixes won''t do the job.
● Lucky number : 20
● Best time of the day : 19h00